Shiraz Biblical poem is an unusual phenomenon in Armenian Literature. With its very deep philosophical sense it has also all high values of the artistic writings. Freshness and originality of the images characteristic of Shiraz had appeared in this poem, and such are combined with unexpected comparisons of striking contradictions. Shiraz comes from our heart, he is so much as national, as universal. I got aesthetic pleasure from the Biblical. The Biblical poem is the poet's masterpiece.
Viktor Hambardzumyan
Academician, world-famous astrologer

Hovhannes Shiraz is the most famous character of post-october Armenian poetry.
Derenik Demirchyan

Shiraz Biblical poem is a phenomenal act not only in the soviet literature, but also in world literature.
I was astonished by the fact by what great storms the youth accept Shiraz.
[b][i]Marietta Shahinian
writer and intellectual

I consider Shiraz to be the greatest poet after Charents. His beautiful poetry must have very long life. No other writer can take him under his shadow, as he has the age of his people, and it must not be obscured...
Avetik Isahakyan

Former homeless, now a great poet is Hovhannes Shiraz, the most popular and the most national of Armenia.
Louis Aragon
French intellectual

Only the child of a nation reborn from great grief could create the Biblical. The surface of the beautiful poem is the universal meditation, the inside is the pain in the abyssal.
Bogdan Gembarski
Polish translator of Biblical

Shiraz is a great talent. He is very famous and we are to esteem his existence. He is a talent, and we should feel proud and honored to to get aquanted with him.
He is a big star.
William Saroyan

This boy does not pass under anybodies sword.
Charents / 1934-1935 he /

H. Shiraz is an incomparable poet, he is the King worth of the World Prize. The Armenian people, flight, idea and genius are known by him.
Stefan Galayj
Spanish translator of Biblical and other poems