Dear friend, I welcome you for visiting Hovhannes Shiraz memorial-museum website in Gyumri, Armenia. Traditional people in Gyumri are proud for having the memorial- museum of their compatriot, the great poet, the Armenian beloved son in the most central place in the city. The museum was founded in 1983, I am happy for every acquisition of the museum. It is important for us every suggestion made by you to make the museum's services more accessible to the visitors.

Director of Memorial-Museum of Hovhannes Shiraz
Ara Papanyan


Hovhannes Shiraz
was a notable Armenian poet. Shiraz had earned so much popularity and respect, that the government officials, not wanting to wait until Shiraz was dead to honor him, offered to give Shiraz a home to live in, which would later be turned into a house-museum.

Shiraz’s House-Museum is located on the Street of the Masters (Varpetats Poghots). The house was presented to Shiraz in July, 1983. The greatest poet did live to see the opening of the house, but, unfortunately, he never lived in it dying on March 14, 1984.

The house was an old building built in 1868. It belonged to a millionaire. During the Soviet Union it was used as a storehouse.

To honor the poets reminiscence and protect his inheritance, that house would later become into a house-museum by the resolution of the Government officials. In 1988 because of the earthquake the works of the museum’s reconstruction were interrupted. 8 homeless families found shelter in that house.

The USAID Housing Purchase Certificate Program helps displaced families living in the museum after the earthquake of December 1988 find permanent housing. This permitted the museum, in collaboration with the City Hall of Gyumri and the Government of Armenia, to restore this public space for the enjoyment of all Gyumri residents and visitors.